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How do I determine which frame size to order?
Last Updated 3 years ago

**If you are still unsure what size to get, please call or email and a representative can assist you with fitting**

We recommending watching the following video:


For the frame: A 18" torso or taller, we typically recommend the 26" frame length. A 14" to 18" torso, we recommend the 24" frame length. Below 14", we typically recommend a 22" frame. 

For shoulder strap length: We recommend the long for those who have an 18" torso or more and shorts for those with an 18" torso or less. If you are on the 18" border of a short and long, and have a heavier set chest, then we recommend running long shoulder straps. 

These are based on textbook fitting and get the proper load lift angle. 

Majority of our customer who are 5'9" to 5'4" are recommend to run a 24" frame with short shoulder straps unless your torso measurement says otherwise. This will give you the adjustability needed for the shoulder straps, the ability to run our larger packs, and give you plenty of load lift angle for heavy loads. 

Majority of our customers who are 6'1 or taller will need a 26" frame and long shoulder straps. You can run a shorter frame if you'd like however you will limit the load lift angle due to the shorter frame length. If you do not carry heavy weight (over 80lbs) then a 24" frame will work great. This will also give you the ability to run our larger packs and give you plenty of load lift angle for heavy loads.

Those customers that are 5'10" to 6'0" are typically in between sizes so torso and weight are key factors when determine which frame size and shoulder strap length to run. 

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