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What are your common accessories?
Last Updated 3 years ago

We'd recommend a medium and large belt pouch for the front of most packs. This will increase organization and make items easily accessible. 

Mini belt pouches and water bottle pouches are recommended for your hip belt. Great for carry your GPS, phone, snacks, and water bottles. 

A guide lid or organizer guide lid are a great addition to any pack. They will add between 900 and 1200 cubic inches of space. They can be removed or added depending on needed. They also double as extra compression if needed. 

A sherman pocket is another accessories that are very common. These can be attached anywhere on the pack but are most common near the bottom. They are great for additional storage, compression, and can be folded down to run a rifle up the center of you pack. 

Pullouts are wonderful for internal storage. These are meant for inside the pack to just keep this organized and easy to find. We offer a variety of size, material, and colors for you to mix and match. 

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