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Shipping Lead Times
Last Updated 2 years ago

About a Built-to-Order Product
We’re proud to provide extremely durable, lightweight products that are 100% American made. This gear will outperform and outlast anything made offshore – period. It is built specifically for serious users with the best-in-the-world materials. It is costly gear – our customers quickly acknowledge that the benefit-to-cost ratio of their Kifaru gear is quite high and is well worth the investment.
All Kifaru products are built-to-order to ensure consistently high quality, and employ our fellow Americans, many who have been with us from the Mountainsmith days – our first company.

Lead times:
Accessories: Most ship within 72hrs
Packs/frames: Most ship within 72hrs
Shelters/tarps: Most ship within 1-2 weeks

*Please note: the lead time is an estimate. There are some cases where the order will ship after the lead time but most these delayed orders will ship in 2-4 weeks.

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