Frequently Asked Question

Costs & Shipping
Last Updated 2 years ago

  • Warranty/Repairs:
    • Our warranty covers the cost of the repair and return shipping back to you.
    • Non-Warranty repairs will be shipped and repaired at the owner’s expense.
      • We charge $1 per minute plus shipping. For example, a 15 min repair will cost $15 plus shipping.
    • A $20 maintenance fee will be charged for products that are sent to us uncleaned (see cleaning requirements: Warranty and Return Policy – Kifaru International)

  • Returns/Exchanges:
    • - Shipping cost: is the responsibility of the customer for packages sent to and from Kifaru.
    • - Restocking fee: will be deducted from the returned credit amount.
      • § $5.00 for accessories, logo gear, and quick ship items
      • § $15.00 for frames, packs, soft goods, and shelters/stoves/sleds
    • The cost of any buckles, straps, or original components on product that are not included with the returned product will be deducted from the returned credit amount.

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