Frequently Asked Question

Warranty Repairs and Exclusions
Last Updated 2 years ago

These will be handled on a case by case basis depending on the extent of the
damage. Repairs not covered under warranty will be repaired at the owner’s expense. We will do our best
when repairing an item to make it look new but may result in visible stitch lines/holes, patches, etc.
Warranty Exclusions:
• Damage resulting in abrasions/cuts/slashes
▪ Damage from animals such as dogs or bears, etc.
• Normal Wear and Tear
• Excessive snow loads result in damage
• Misuse or improper care
• Accidents resulting in rips, tears, burn, and stains
• Fabric fading over time
• Natural breakdown of materials/laminations with age
▪ Excessive UV exposure. Our tipis handle sun exposure well but over time the
material will degrade.
• Incorrect Laundering
• Seconds Items
• Not the original owner and was not purchased directly from Kifaru.

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